B4 Job Search – Consider your career path or options

Now is a good time to re-consider or consider your career path and market options. In this tight market, is it prudent to continue your current career choice, do you want to do the same thing as you have done? Is it possible to switch or target a similar position in a different industry? Are your skill set transferable to other industries? Which industry market is hot now or at least hiring?

Consider using a worksheet to solidify your ideas and to clearly outline what the desires are, as they compared to your options. Putting it down on paper will show you clarity. Believe me, try it… 

Use this worksheet to identify possible career market options.  Provide as much detail as possible about the characteristics of industries and functions you consider.  List positives and negatives for each option.

 1. SAME INDUSTRY                                               SAME FUNCTION

    Example: Telecom                                                   Example: Product Development


2. SAME INDUSTRY                                               DIFFERENT FUNCTION

     Example: Telecom                                                Example: Marketing Management


3. DIFFERENT INDUSTRY                                   SAME FUNCTION

    Example: Information Management Systems            Example: Product Development


4. DIFFERENT INDUSTRY                                   DIFFERENT FUNCTION

    Example: Information Management Systems            Example: Marketing Management


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