Wanted: a Killer Resume, Tips on how to prepare a resume

Everyone has written a resume or two and probably did a prety good job. It never hurt to review and see some key pointers in how to prepare a resume. My experience has been that you need to update as you move along once you have found appropriate changes, including your industry buzz words, or just simply from your own experiences and feedback from interviewers. You can always tell depends on the type of questions they ask. Here are some tips…

  1. Be Honest
  2. Your resume is only as good as the oral presentation that supports it. However, a good resume gets you at the door.
  3. A good resume will clearly reflect your strategy and positioning
  4. Write specific accomplishments with factual data – e.g. $ save, % of improvements, $ revenue increase, # of projects completed with no increase of FTE, etc.
  5. Avoid different types of fonts on the same page, avoid fancy graphics. Keep the look simple and easy to read
  6. Make your point quickly and concise
  7. Avoid personal pronouns (I, me, my, we, etc.)
  8. Use the past tense (most of the time)
  9. Choose the strongest action words
  10. List the education toward to end (unless you are a fresh college grad)
  11. There is no right length for a resume, current preference is 2 pages
  12. Use portrait and not horizontal layout.
  13. Use keywords & buzz words that are specific to your industry

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