Interview Strategy – Can you do? Will you do? Will you fit?

The interview is likely the most important step in securing that offer. Now that you are at the door, what are some of the keys for a successful interview?

The employer is essentially looking to confirm 3 things:

- Can you DO?

- WILL you do?

- Will you FIT?

Thus, the strategy is to show and convince them that you indeed can do the job, willing to do the job and most importantly will fit the group and/or company culture. Thus you can consider focusing on the following:

I can do – most folks emphasis this area too much, spending a lot of time talking about what type of jobs that were done in the past. Of course, it is important to show that you are qualified. However at this stage, they probably has a good idea of your background already.

I will do – are you over-qualified? Will you be bored? Will you do a similar job their way? Will you commute that long distance? Etc. You got the idea.

I will fit – often this is one of the biggest reasons they want to meet you. Show them that you are flexible, personable and like people, enjoy a team environment and able to work with difficult and different personalities, etc. We can work well together!

There have been so much written about how to do the best interview… My view has always be – Try to be simple – “Be yourself, focus on their needs and communicate clearly”. If you keep the above 3 key concepts (Can, Will, Fit) in mind, it may improve landing you the next job.

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